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Exclusively For Brides Who Need To Know How To Get In Lifetime Best Shape WITHOUT An Energy-Sapping Diet, Or Hours Of Mind-Numbing Cardio

The BeyondFit Bride Guide! 

Hello, beautiful! 

Let’s take a moment right now to let it sink in.

You’re getting married!

I remember the details - and feelings - of my wedding day like it was yesterday.  

Know what else I remember? The one thing that was DIFFERENT to any time before - or since.

Is this how you feel, too… that you have a vision of looking a SUPER-CHARGED VERSION of your best self?

(Guys don’t tend to understand this… !)

The Average Bride-To-Be Makes 177 Decisions About Her Wedding Day! Luckily, This One Is A SNAP!

How would it feel to tick off one HUGE section of your wedding “to-do” list? To never worry, doubt, or second-guess that decision again? To put your fitness and nutrition on autopilot as the days count down?

That’s exactly what this program does for you.

By joining the BeyondFit Bride family, you make ONE decision which automatically erases dozens of daily choices!

No Bride Can Afford A Shape-Up Plan Which Needs A Ton Of Time, Money, Or Emotional Energy! 

Discover what worked for Mrs. Guinn...

The Only Online Bridal Training Program Made Exclusively To Get You In Specific Shape For Your Exact Dress Style

Every bride wants to look spectacular. But when you think about wearing your gown, arriving at the venue, all your friends and family turning to see you… it’s not about just “looking good”. It has to be more than that. Right?

How do YOU want to look on your big day?

I know you have a to-do list as long as the train on Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. So here’s something you can start TODAY which is going to transform how you LOOK and FEEL on your big day.

The BeyondFit Bride Guide works with your wedding countdown planner to get you in fairytale shape for your wedding day (and your bachelorette party and honeymoon! In a few minutes I am going to tell you how this program KEEPS you in shape for your honeymoon, too!)

Worried you’ve left it too late? I promise you that’s not true. You are going to be shocked by how much you can transform in just SIX WEEKS.

Think it’s too early to start? No way! You can use this program to slowly create the look you want as your wedding day approaches.

My name is Kate Horney - wife, mama, and fitness professional. I created BeyondFit Bride to take all the stress and planning out of getting in shape for your big day. (Honestly, I wish I’d had this system for myself!)

What to do (the meal plans, the specific exercises, weekly plans done for you)

How to do it (the recipes, the workouts, how much cardio - plus the best kind!)

When to do it (clue: it does NOT take hours out of your day!)

No second-guessing, no maybes.

Take a look at the stunning results of the new Mrs. Frische-Mouri >>

“The One Smart Decision Healthy Brides Make To Fast-Track The Choices, Planning, And Questions For Getting In Wedding-Day Shape”

Six Weeks Of Done-For-You Diet And Training Plans

You literally do not have time to work out which plan is best for you right now. Not only do you have 100s of other things to find, choose, book, and buy. But your wedding date is set - so the countdown is on. I get it. And I’ve got you covered. 

BeyondFit Bride is a tried, tested, RELIABLE online bridal workout program. Done-for-you weekly plan, short at-home workouts, recipes, meal plans, and expert coaching support. Plus access to the BeyondFit Bride online group where you can share your journey with other brides (maybe find someone else with your exact wedding date!)

You Will NOT Need...
  • gym membership
  • hours of workout time per week
  • diet products, supplements, or shakes
  • to feel hungry!
I Will Send You...
  • training programs, workout guides, exercise tutorials
  • step-by-step weekly plan - done for you!
  • weekly workouts to be done at home
  • plateau-busting solutions so you never stall
  • simple, effective nutrition system everyone can do
  • easy, delicious fat loss recipes
  • my very own sample meal plan
  • bonus workouts for your style of wedding dress!

Yes! I want to know I have my bridal shape-up plans COVERED! 

Get The Visible Results Of The Best Diet & Training Programs (Without Eating Mini-Meals Out Of Tupperware!)

You get 6 WEEKS of at-home, fat-burning circuits, a 3-phase workout program specific to your dress style, and 6 weeks of cardio and core workouts. Plus live online support and accountability from your BeyondFit trainer (have you found any other ONLINE bridal system that has this blend of face-to-face Personal Training and online resources?)

Worried about how your new physique will cope with the relaxed indulgence of your amazing honeymoon?

Girl we have your back! Sign up to BeyondFit Bride today and we will send you a bonus set of honeymoon workouts (we usually sell these at $120). We’ve heard that new husbands can even be persuaded to join in on these!

If you find the BeyondFit Bride program isn’t for you, just get in touch within 60 days of starting at [email protected] and we will refund your entire $97.

I’m so excited to share your wedding-day journey!

Love, Kate

BeyondFit Bride (and happy wife and Mama!)

PS Don’t forget to tell me what style of gown you’ve chosen so I can help you shape your arms, shoulders, waist or back!

Are you in?
BeyondFit Bride Guide
60 day 100% Money-Back Guarentee
  • Entire system valued at $683
  • PLUS Bonus Products valued at over $120
  • Total Value = $803


Get Exclusive Access to The BeyondFit Bride Guide Now…

  • Weekly workouts designed to be done at home (no gym required) 
  • 3 Phase training progression to ensure you never hit a plateau 
  • Nutrition system designed for specifically for busy brides 
  • Quick and easy recipes + a sample meal plan 
  • Exercises for a total body workout and targeted core training 
  • Workouts designed for your dream dress style  
  • A step-by-step week plan to get results fast

And more…

  • A complete system valued at over $800! 
  • 6 Weeks of At Home Fat Burning Circuits (value of $240) 
  • 3-Phase Dress Specific Workout Program (value of $323) 
  • 6 Weeks of Targeted Cardio & Core Workouts (value of $120)

Bonuses include: 

  • Honeymoon Workouts (value of $120) 
  • Live online accountability and support from your trainer (priceless)
Real Women Doing Fitness Better

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